Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy treatment uses aromatic, volatile extracts of plants, as a form of medicine, which is related to and derived from but not the same as herbal medicine. Various oils and blends can be used in a variety of ways on your pets and other animals. They are perfect for first aid, tick repellent, treatment for fleas, shampoo, joint care, ear cleaner, and a treatment for emotional problems and anxiety.

Some useful and familiar remedies are listed below, each with one of its many properties, to illustrate the versatility and wide scope of the system:

  • Basil – digestive
  • Cedarwood – insect repellent
  • Eucalyptus – expectorant
  • Lavender – relaxing
  • Lemongrass – insect repellent
  • Oregano – antibacterial
  • Peppermint – prevent formation of gas or facilitate the expulsion of gas
  • Rosemary – stimulant
  • Tea tree – disinfectant

Caution with Essential Oils

There is a possibility of a clash with homeopathic treatment, so if used together homeopathy and aromatherapy must be properly integrated. There is also, as in herbal medicine, a real risk of dangerous summation with concurrent conventional drugs, which are used for the same purpose. That is one good reason why lay (non-vet) practitioners of aromatherapy in animals may not be safe.

Apart from the provisions of the Veterinary Surgeons Act, which bars non-vets from treating animals, the above are powerful reasons why aromatherapy should not be administered by non-vets. The AVMC cannot support the activity of non-vets in the use of aromatherapy in horses, dogs, cats etc. They are acting outside the law.