Therapeutic Massage

Relieving Chronic & Acute Pet Pain

Mountain Peaks Veterinary Clinic offers therapeutic massage for patients with chronic pain and mobility issues. The use of this type of touch helps to maintain or improve both physical and emotional well-being in pets.

Uses for Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage for pets is often used to support relaxation and rehabilitation or for competitive athletes and working animals. This therapy, in combination with veterinary medical care, can enhance the recovery process for many pet patients.

Massage is often used in rehabilitation from surgery or injuries, offering benefits such as the reversal of muscle atrophy and relief from muscle tension, spasms, and weakness. The release of endorphins causes a reduction in pain, especially muscle and joint discomfort, and can be a compassionate and effective therapeutic intervention for senior pets. Massage is known to provide relaxation and emotional well-being in pets, calming nervous, anxious, or hyperactive animals.